Stylish Clothing Combinations For Men

Stylish Clothing Combinations For Men.

Peanut butter and jelly.

Burger and fries.

Pasta and cheese. 

Spaghetti and meatballs.  

Sound drooling?

Yes, right? From peanut butter and jelly to spaghetti and meatballs, these are some magical combos of popular foods that taste awesome together. The same implies to the men’s clothing also. Certain pairings work far better than people might think. If you really learn to master some outfit combinations for guys, you will pop up as a rock star at your upcoming event or social gathering. Just go through these spectacular clothing combinations to amp up your style graph.

Clothing Combination #1 – Mixing And Matching Patterns

Generally it is true that too much of anything or over blending is not good or distracting. But when it comes to smart dressing for men, there is an exception while trying multiple clothing patterns. If you succeed to manage more than four different patterns in your outfit properly, the whole ensemble is going to look so right. But keep your mind open! There are some rules you must follow to get successful with your clothing goals. With these useful style tips you may learn how to experiment with clothes. 

  • Steer clear from repeating the exactly same patterns. It means that if you are combining different striped items together, the spacing between the stripes must vary. 
  • Make it certain that no two patterns appear of an identical size.
  • It is better to keep the hues muted so that different patterns on the same outfit do not come as being excessively embellished and showy. 

Relish an example of a multi-patterned clothing combination that will definitely work to create the most attractive outfit for a man:

Clothing Combination #2 – Pairing Rough And Smooth Textures 

The rough and smooth textured fabrics conform best together nearly like a burger patty and bun. The deadly combo throwbacks a somewhat philosophical perspective. It is fundamentally like softness and hardness working together. 

Here is an ensemble of rough and smooth fabrics that you may want to try out:

Clothing Combination #3 – Double Denim Deadly Look 

The proposal of going double with denim may appear awkward. But the fact is that as long as the two denim items do not appear like identical twins, it looks nicely standout as a case of a denim top and jeans. The styling trick that work here is you do not need to exactly match the two pieces. Here some level of contrast is requisite to keep the stylish look intact, like if you are wearing a dark washed jeans then it is advisable to go for a light washed denim upper or jacket. This will drastically enhance your double denim ensemble.  

Clothing Combination #4 – A Sports Jacket Or Coat With A Denim Jacket 

It apparently seems redundant to layer a sports jacket over a denim jacket. But if you consider the following factors, the scenario turns to be the perfect one. 

  • If your denim jacket holds the right fit snug to your body
  • The sports jacket is quite looser and relaxed fit than your denim jacket
  • The weather is chilly outside

The above elements come together to create an ideal ensemble that could keep yourself warm and attractive. This pretty stylish and fashion-forward look stands at the top when you avoid wearing the sports coat of the same color as that of your denim jacket.  

Clothing Combination #5 – Light Colored Jackets Pairing With Dark Colored Shirts

To top off your looks well-combined and complementing together, it is better to twin up dark-colored shirts with lighter-colored jackets. The best recommended hues for jackets to be paired with solid dark colored shirts are white, gold, tan, light gray, light blue, light brown and light green. 

Clothing Combination #6 – A Navy Blue Suit Dazzles With Brown Leather Shoes 

Most of the gentlemen opt for black dress shoes to their natural instinct. And it is clearly justified with its class and grace. But why not to change the stereotype mode by exploring much better options. You are simply going to stand out among your friends and colleagues when you don brown leather shoes with a sharp looking navy suit. The killer looking combination holds the darker counterparts of blue and orange colors on opposite ends of the color wheel. That reveals the reason why navy blue suits sit well with brown shoes either dark or light colored. Oxblood leather shoes appear as the most attractive shoes on guys when coupled with a normal blue or light-blue suit.  

Clothing Combination #7 – A Burgundy Turtleneck Sweater Appears Stunning With A Light Brown Blazer

Burgundy is a deep, reddish shade that appears seriously stylish but also tricky to be matched with other ensembles. Unlike other color tones, burgundy appears stricter about what to wear with it. A light brown hue makes a particularly great partner to burgundy giving a more timeless and flattering appearance. When burgundy joins forces with a lighter brown shade, there appears something quite charming.  

Clothing Combination #8 – A Navy Blazer Rocks Smart With Red Chinos

A red pair of chinos for men stands as one of the more difficult trousers to get away with. It is either flamboyant or clownish when you wear the one. However, there is a tried and tested combo that looks always dazzling with red chinos. When you pair it up with a well-fitted navy blazer, you can instantly turn into a rock star. 

Clothing Combination #9 – Clean White Sneakers With A Casual Suit 

Casual suits are not typically like the formal suits where both the jacket and trousers are made from the same material. Although these appear more attention-grabbing with their distinct textures, patterns and lighter colors. These tend to stand out more when paired with white sneakers. The perfect vanilla supplement is going to impart you great confidence and allure. 

Clothing Combination #10 – An Odd Vest In Contrast With The Rest Of Ensemble

When you make up your mind to wear an odd vest separately from a 3-piece suit, it is better to improvise your closet wisely. If the color of you vest is strikingly bold and bright you can utilize it to notch your style up even further to rock on dressy events. It is better to go for a matching jacket and dress shirt having the same pattern. It will make your vest pop out sharply. 


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