Head Guard


  • High level safety
  • Light weight foam
  • Put less stress on neck
  • Improve head movement
  • Shock absorbing integrated
  • Excellent range and features
  • Improved ventilation key areas
  • Non slip inner comfort provided
  • Fit with additional hygiene


Head Guard providing a non-slip comfort fit with additional hygiene to the inner Padded with Gel integrated injection molded foam. It absorbs perspiration whilst remaining subtle. Full padding with super shock absorbing closed cell Core foam developed for greater protection and durability. New lighter weight foam has been used to put less stress on the neck and allow for improved head movement.

For a high level of safety, this head guard has twinned layers of shock absorbing Gel integrated foam. It has an excellent visibility range and features. This head guard offers Gel integrated thick padding and surrounds the head while keeping key areas open for improved ventilation and unobstructed visibility.


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