Arm Pad Kick Thai Pad Punching Pad


  • Superior quality gear
  • Leather and Gel integrated
  • Heavy duty shock absorbent
  • High density foam for tough hits
  • Wrist area with reinforced handles
  • Two Hoop and Loop arm straps
  • Reduces the risk from injuries
  • 37cm long and 21cm wide
  • Specially for training


Superior quality training arm pad made of Leather and three layers of integrated thick Foam for heavy duty shock absorption, high density foam to take the toughest hits. It easily absorbs full contact strikes and the double layered webbing, reinforced buckle straps ensures a more secure fit. Cushioned wrist area with reinforced handles and two Hoop-and-Loop arm straps for closing. Its molded foam structure absorbs shock waves more evenly reduces the risk of injuries that can occur during training. It’s bidding for one pad only two pads shown in image to show reverse side of pad.


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