Cafe Racer Jacket

A classic trend set by the British bikers in 1960s have been followed to the date! The cafe racer jackets dates back to some decades ago when soldiers returning home after WWII raced between pubs and cafes in order to have fun. Although being more masculine in the beginning; the café racer jackets have transformed to their feminine counterparts. With the help of female fashionistas from the current demanding generation; we can now relish an incredible selection of café racer jackets for women. Right from the updated features to the stylish specs; women’s cafe racer jackets have experienced drastic changes but as we all know that old is gold; a vintage cafe racer jacket is more beautiful and classy than those inspired by the present trends. The astounding outerwear is specifically built for the female bikers, combining the perspectives of both fashion and protection. The flawless built and alluring design of café racer jackets promise to fulfill your needs and render an unbeatable look on the ride. The lightweight and minimalistic Cafe racer jackets are simple in form and snugly fitting to give a flattering look. With a signature, short banded snap tab collar; the bikers won’t have the extra fabric flying around on the high speed adventure. The best quality leather comes into play for fabricating the best Cafe racer jackets. In addition to the snug fit; the jackets must feel like a second skin with certain amount of stretch needed for comfort. Setting new trends and fashion moments, café racer leather jackets for women are just winning everywhere!