Varsity Jacket

Your high school might be out, but the lesson of style you learned from those days can never be forgotten. More than just a souvenir from your college days; the varsity jackets work as a great signifier of campus subcultures and an excellent sense of style. These may remind a sports victory from the high school days but these are a win for your wardrobe also. The varsity jackets for men are the garments that sum up fashion with the athletic aesthetics. The collegiate classic brings fashion spotlight rooted from Ivy League and when styled correctly can make a powerful, colorful and confident youth culture. Varsity jackets are also referred as letterman jackets come with a button-through construction. The outerwear essential is so-called for the letter sewn traditionally to the chest. These letters are indicative of the wearer played a sport for a varsity team. These jackets are sometimes confused other jacket styles, particularly the souvenir jacket and the bomber jacket. As they share a collarless design and an elasticated hem. Although the varsity jacket shows differences from the rest having a button through front as opposed to a zipper. These usually feature two or more contrasting colors and typically constructed of a wool body with leather sleeves. However, with some style transformations and construction pattern; the sporty, button-up, collarless jacket can now be fabricated of anything from jersey cotton to suede. So, treasure this bona fide classic with a rich historical heritage and good looks and live out your letterman fantasies in style!