Café Racer Jacket

The minimalistic, lightweight motorcycle jackets that are optimized for the high speed thrill have made a high fad mark in the history of fashion. These are the café racer jackets that really stand the test of time. The rich heritage of the cafe racer renders a bad boy vibe with the mainstream style born in 1960s. The soldiers returning home after WWII would race their motorbikes between cafes and pubs to have a bit of fun. They needed leather jacket without any bells and whistles to race more protectively yet efficiently. Offering great protection and durability; the café racer jackets were originally crafted from heavy horsehide with a strong main zipper to impart extra protection and incredible style element. The leather jacket are impressively masculine and the cafe racer brings the vogue to another level. These are snugly fitted silhouettes with a short band collar. While deciding about the café racer design details, take into consideration that the simpler ones have a more classic look and the others with more focus on detailing may feature stripes with contrasting colors, stitch work and patches on shoulders or elbows. The classic cafe racer is a real beauty in its simplicity. It usually comes in black or brown color tones or may or may not have pockets. Hence providing dressier options than eclectic ones like blue or red. Adding a café racer leather jacket into your style rotation is a sure-fire way to amp up your style. Whether you are a cool guy into the punk rock scene or want to ride in style showing off your alluring racing stripes, a cafe racer jacket will be the right choice to make.