How To Find The Perfect Suit Jacket For Your Body Type

How To Find The Perfect Suit Jacket For Your Body Type

Have you ever wondered why does James Bond always look so perfect when he stride into a room? It is not the Walther PPK in one hand. It is not the martini in another hand. And it is not the winning smile on face though, that helps. It is actually the ‘suit’ that makes the real difference here. A man wearing a suit with the perfect fit is the man who looks as close to the perfect as he can. With a great suit comes poise, confidence and respect from people you meet and from the real man means you in the mirror. How To Find The Perfect Suit Jacket?

But the art of dressing a suit is not as simple. Even the finest of suits available out there are of no good if they do not fit you well. Rather you would look even better in an inexpensive suit if it fits you perfectly than a costly silk suit that fits you awfully. Hence, it is more evident for the record that you would simply look your best in one of those that fits perfectly to your torso. As, men have different body types and it is significant to know about in which type they stand.

It is mandatory to recognize where you fit in the range of body types ranging from lean to the muscular. You suit speaks of your inner self, so if you want to communicate that properly through your style, you need to get the perfect suit for your body type. In this article, we introduce men to the best suit jackets for their body type that are going to enhance their body frames with drastically improving their personality, image and confidence. 

Be Real About Your Body

First and the foremost; you need to be pragmatic on how to pick the right suit for your body type? How to dress for your body type? The man wearing a well-fitted suit that complements his body type is going to look way much better than the guy aggressively trying to get fit into something that is not right for him. The contrary is true as well; means feeling odd about wearing a too tight stuff and compensating a baggy fit suit is merely going to result in a disastrous effect on your looks. 

Big And Tall Body Type

If you are a guy with the bigger frame, you should opt for a big and tall suit that could provide proper room in the chest and shoulders areas to accommodate your built. Make sure that the stomach area is properly fitted but should not get too tight. If you stand on the taller side, simply ensure that you have chosen the right length of your suit jacket and sleeves. Something too long or too short is going to exert a great impact on your height, but not in a good sense. Getting the perfect fit for a big and tall guy is all about paying supplementary attention to the details like the suit cut that is not baggy, slouchy, oversized and too long.

It may take some time and effort to know your body type, but with the determination to look your best you can achieve the task more effectively. Make sure to avoid narrow or slim lapels, as they seem out of proportion with your size. Also opt for the pants that work to strike the right balance in your fit. Don’t forget the right hem either; as an absurdly long hem is only going to make your pants look baggier and sloppy that does not favor your good looks.  

Muscular And Athletic Body Type 

Chances are that you are a guy with broader top, defined shoulders but a narrower waist. That desirable V-shape you have got after a continuous, long workout routine at gym can be a tough job to deal while finding a suit with the best fit. If you are looking suits for athletic body type, ideally you need to look for suits that are sold as separates. In this way you can ensure the correct sizing. Regarding fit, you have to make sure that you have got enough space around your shoulder and chest area, but it should not be too loose. According to your size, a slim cut suit will work here but again it should not be too tight.

Also you can go for suiting options with slim cuts but that allow adjustments like increased room around the chest and a slightly lower armhole to accommodate your frame properly. When it comes to lapel, a medium to wide-width lapel size is can best accentuate your V-shape. For a suit jacket, find the one with relaxed fitted chest and shoulders. Avoid popping of the lapel out from your chest or extreme tightness in the bicep area; as it indicates that your jacket is small to your size. Pant wise, it is better to maintain the slim cut proportions also. Here the best thing is to keep the taper not so tight.  

Slender Body Type 

Finding the perfect types of suits for a slender body type is again something tricky. As always, you need to bring the right balance of proportions that is slim but not tight. In the case, go for a slim cut suit jacket with higher armholes and narrow proportions. Slim cut suits usually feature narrow lapels that work great but you can also get a wider or peak lapel, if you want to bring the illusion of hefty and broad shoulders. For trousers, you need the perfect trim and a nice taper. As in the scenario, tight is never a good look. Alternatively, a baggy suit is also not going to add the desirable bulk or heft.

The bigger guys should pardon the three-piece suits or vest addition, as it will only add unwanted bulk to your substantial frame. On the contrary, thinner guys have got more freedom to try three-piece suit options.  How To Find The Perfect Suit Jacket?

Don’t Overlook The Significance Of Pants 

Most of the time men get hung up in finding the perfect suit jacket and manage the pants like if these are not the 50% of the ensemble. Regardless of your body type or size, a pair of pants with an overall proper tailoring, fit, pant waist, pant hems and seat are always the key to an overall smart and well-blended look. 

Go Effortless On Suiting Accessories

Once you have find the perfect suit, it is crucial that how you go for accessorizing your looks. Don’t go exorbitant with the suiting accessories; keep it facile and simple as possible. Over-accessorizing your suits with lapel pins, tie bars and pocket squares can only overkill your style statement. How To Find The Perfect Suit Jacket?


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